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I am involved in a few other projects that you might be interested in!
I write for as a Yelm Young Adult Fiction Examiner. My articles are more formal over there than here on the blog but it's still got great information about books, reviews, and my opinions on things like books made into movies!

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Halo Network Foundation
I am the graphic designer for the nonprofit, Halo Network Foundation, located in Kent, Washington. Halo Network Foundation helps the homeless and disadvantaged to better their lives by learning skills in the food industry that will help them provide for themselves. I've done their website and their promotional materials. We are planning a wonderful concert and I will be doing all the materials for them! Check them out and support their great works!

Half Past Lavish Event Productions
Interning for my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design I joined the fabulous team at Half Past Lavish and have remained with them since I finished schooling. They have great events in the Seattle area and put out four issues of the eMagazines called SOIREE. You can read SOIREE at I worked on the last three and totally designed the last one that will be published June 1, 2011!

The TEQ Team
The Testing Electronic Quality Team (The TEQ Team) takes your electronics such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players and puts them through tests that simulate the worst kinds of accidents you might have with your electronics. For example cell phones go every where with us and it puts them in a higher risk of damage. Whether that is being dropped down the toilet, being stepped/sat on, or even run over by car we are going to test to see which of your electronics would last the best in the "test environment". Check out our YouTube Channel to see our testings! 

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