Thursday, June 2, 2011

Read Along: 2nd UPDATE!

Well how unfortunate! My book reservation never made it into the library and now I don't have a copy of the book! So I will have to choose from the books I already own. There are many wonderous stories to choose from and I have picked...
His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (AKA "Northern Lights)
Philip Pullman

This is the first of three in the collection "His Dark Materials" which is a wonderful story that has also been made into a movie. There have been lots of discussions and debates over the content in this series that it's always great to get the different perspectives!

To give ample time to read this book 3 chapters at a time, we're just going to start today Monday June 13, 2011 and read till Sunday June 19, 2011 when I will post my thoughts and then have open discussions!

Week 1 - Chapters 1-3
Week 2 - Chapters 4-7
Week 3 - Chapters 8-10
Week 4 - Chapters 11-13
Week 5 - Chapters 14-17
Week 6 - Chapters 18-20
Week 7 - Chapters 21-23

Next book shall be decided via poll posted on the last week of July!

If you have any suggestions and comments as to how to make this better please share as we go along and I'll make sure to do the next one better!

Thanks and happy reading,

The Rampant Reader

Hello again my wonderful followers! So today is the second of June and I am one day late on announcing the book I shall be reading this month for the Read Along. Personal matters and sleep deprivation aside I have made my choice!

dun dun DUN!
Pendragon: the Merchant of Death by D. J. MacHale

There are many ways to read along with me, purchase the book, borrow from a friend, download the audio book, or my personal favorite borrow from your local library! All are great ways to enjoy stories, so choose the one that best fits you.

Read Along will start on Sunday June 5, 2011.
Reviews will be published every Saturday hopefully giving enough time to everyone's schedules.
Then we will have a week to talk about it and read more!

I want to read either two chapters a week or something like 50 pages at a time. This particular book is only 170 pages, I could read it one sitting if I had the time. This should be a fun experiment!

Comments and suggestions about choice of book, date of review, and length of reading material is highly appreciated. This will be the first of many to come and be a learning experience for everyone!

Bring your bookmarks!

The Rampant Reader


  1. 2 chapters a week shouldn't be too hard.

  2. I've never done a read along before, I'll consider it in the future


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