Thursday, June 2, 2011

Read Along: 2nd UPDATE!

Well how unfortunate! My book reservation never made it into the library and now I don't have a copy of the book! So I will have to choose from the books I already own. There are many wonderous stories to choose from and I have picked...
His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (AKA "Northern Lights)
Philip Pullman

This is the first of three in the collection "His Dark Materials" which is a wonderful story that has also been made into a movie. There have been lots of discussions and debates over the content in this series that it's always great to get the different perspectives!

To give ample time to read this book 3 chapters at a time, we're just going to start today Monday June 13, 2011 and read till Sunday June 19, 2011 when I will post my thoughts and then have open discussions!

Week 1 - Chapters 1-3
Week 2 - Chapters 4-7
Week 3 - Chapters 8-10
Week 4 - Chapters 11-13
Week 5 - Chapters 14-17
Week 6 - Chapters 18-20
Week 7 - Chapters 21-23

Next book shall be decided via poll posted on the last week of July!

If you have any suggestions and comments as to how to make this better please share as we go along and I'll make sure to do the next one better!

Thanks and happy reading,

The Rampant Reader

Hello again my wonderful followers! So today is the second of June and I am one day late on announcing the book I shall be reading this month for the Read Along. Personal matters and sleep deprivation aside I have made my choice!

dun dun DUN!
Pendragon: the Merchant of Death by D. J. MacHale

There are many ways to read along with me, purchase the book, borrow from a friend, download the audio book, or my personal favorite borrow from your local library! All are great ways to enjoy stories, so choose the one that best fits you.

Read Along will start on Sunday June 5, 2011.
Reviews will be published every Saturday hopefully giving enough time to everyone's schedules.
Then we will have a week to talk about it and read more!

I want to read either two chapters a week or something like 50 pages at a time. This particular book is only 170 pages, I could read it one sitting if I had the time. This should be a fun experiment!

Comments and suggestions about choice of book, date of review, and length of reading material is highly appreciated. This will be the first of many to come and be a learning experience for everyone!

Bring your bookmarks!

The Rampant Reader

Friday, May 27, 2011

Books: Archaic

Well, the time has come for me to write a decent in-depth article.

I'm Rizzo's boyfriend, Joe. I hate books. Their physical form is just so archaic and the transfer of information through them is outdated by almost fifty years. The onset of easier, hands-free and paper-free alternatives should be where it's at.

But everytime I seem to walk through a department store, or drive by an urban commercial multiplex, I spy a book store. Why?! Why books?! Why do publishers keep printing them? The newspaper died within the last decade. Only feeble and trickling remnants remind us of the "Read All About It!" child criers that used to stand on the corners of busy streets, attempting to make a half cent by selling his mass-produced parchment.

Movies have come around now, and are much more effective at telling stories. You can actually be there visually, not just in your imaginations eye. Audiobooks, despite being based off of books, give you an audible reference and infliction which gets lost in the text. Television shows, Graphic Novels, Video Games and other interactive media have far trumped books!

Again, why?! Why waste natural resources and print millions of these things? So they can just sit on someones shelf and collect dust? They're overpriced anyways. Who in their right mind would pay $20+ for a book?

Not this man.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks & Update

Hey guys!

I wanted to thank all the new followers for joining! It's been awesome getting all your comments. I am excited to get more books and finish the ones I'm currently reading.

Just so everyone knows I have added a new project to The Rampant Reader blog. I am doing a Read Along for the month of June on top of reading and reviewing my current book list. Read the "Read Along Project" and cast your vote on the poll in the left hand column!

Let me know if you are going to participate and which books you'd like to read together!


The boyfriend

What constitutes a book? My college english teachers face was screwed up into a snooty expression when I challenged her views on whether a graphic novel, or comic was readable literature. She wanted to put me down and tell me it wasn't, and that I was just phobic of reading real books. Well, I disagree! No one will make me believe otherwise!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to The Rampant Reader!

Hello everyone! I am glad that you have found my blog. I just wanted to give you a little more in depth idea of what the show is about and who I am.

My name is Rizzo Johnson and I am a graphic designer running my own company Rizzo Designs. You can visit my website @ to see more.

I have been an avid reader for a very long time and have read many books in my life. I enjoy talking about the plots, character developments and themes involved in all books. Authors reflect the world the live in in their writings, it's an inescapable fact of writing. What are social concerns in their world and what their character face are reflecting what is important at the time of writing. I think about these things and the impact that books have on cultures around the world. Sharing these thoughts, opinions, and ideas is important for human development. This project is to strongly encourage critical thinking and promoting READING!

There will be a book list available so that you can read along with me and share your thoughts and opinions! This is a show and blog combo where we can talk on both YouTube and Blogger on discussing the stories.

Thanks for reading!

Please follow me here and on:
YouTube: TheRampantReader
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