Friday, May 27, 2011

Books: Archaic

Well, the time has come for me to write a decent in-depth article.

I'm Rizzo's boyfriend, Joe. I hate books. Their physical form is just so archaic and the transfer of information through them is outdated by almost fifty years. The onset of easier, hands-free and paper-free alternatives should be where it's at.

But everytime I seem to walk through a department store, or drive by an urban commercial multiplex, I spy a book store. Why?! Why books?! Why do publishers keep printing them? The newspaper died within the last decade. Only feeble and trickling remnants remind us of the "Read All About It!" child criers that used to stand on the corners of busy streets, attempting to make a half cent by selling his mass-produced parchment.

Movies have come around now, and are much more effective at telling stories. You can actually be there visually, not just in your imaginations eye. Audiobooks, despite being based off of books, give you an audible reference and infliction which gets lost in the text. Television shows, Graphic Novels, Video Games and other interactive media have far trumped books!

Again, why?! Why waste natural resources and print millions of these things? So they can just sit on someones shelf and collect dust? They're overpriced anyways. Who in their right mind would pay $20+ for a book?

Not this man.



  1. I like to read, when I have the time. I like movies and tv because they can tell a fairly engaging and effective story in a short period of time. All the different mediums have their pros and cons. There are bad movies. Even when they base it off a book they screw it up sometimes. I read Jurassic Park recently. Back when the movie came out I heard people ranting about how the book was better. Sure, whatever. Right? The movie was awesome. Right? Well, the book was way more awesome. It just was. You can missed out on something by not reading the book in cases like that. But I have read books that were supposed to be so great and when I was done I was like "Seriously? They want me to take this seriously? The writing was fair, the plot ok, but some of this stuff just isn't right."

    Oh, and a DVD cost just as much or more and sits and collects dust as well. Just saying.

  2. Can't say I agree but you're welcome to your opinion! Movies are no way more effective at telling a story. Have you ever read a book and then watched the film? It is almost always a disappointment.

  3. If industrial hemp was legalized we wouldn't need to worry about wasted resources, it makes better paper the trees do infact the US constitution is printed on hemp paper =)


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